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Rios vows to send Pacquiao into retirement

Brandon Rios showed no emotion for his coming fight with Manny Pacquiao but had a mouthful to say to the people around the Filipino superstar. Rios told http://www.hustleboss.com he doesn’t fear Pacquiao for what he was then and what he is now.

“I feel good. No emotion at all. I feel good, like myself, as always. I’m always ready to fight. There’s no emotion at all. I’m not scared, I’m not excited;

“I’m ready to fight. To me, it’s just another opponent in front of me. Just because he has a big name, that don’t mean sh*t to me,” Rios said in an interview.

Rios, younger and hungrier, vowed to send Pacquiao into retirement, saying it’s his time to show the world what kind of a fighter he is. Pacquiao, the only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight classes, lost to Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez last year.

Pacquiao was knocked out cold by Marquez as the bell signaled the end of round six. Pacquiao lay motionless on the floor for a couple of minutes. Some people think Pacquiao will never be the same again.

But reports coming out of Pacquiao’s training camp in General Santos City say otherwise, and Rios, coming off a loss to Mike Alvarado months back, had a lot to say.

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