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Canelo proving his worth by facing Mayweather

By Milo Torres: WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO’s) will be proving his worth on September 14th in facing unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. (44-0, 26 KO’s). Many people don’t give Canelo his respect he deserves. Yes, he hasn’t fought a lot of not well known fighters but he is undefeated. That does not happen over night.

Mayweather is showing courage by stepping up for this fight but he knows he had to take it giving what his pay per view buys for his last fight against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero weren’t high. The official PPV numbers haven’t been released yet but word is they are very low.

Mayweather’s PPV numbers would have been even worse in trying to go up against Canelo on September 14th, the Mexican holiday. If Mayweather hadn’t agreed to fight Canelo on this date, he would have gotten smashed by him as far as PPV buys go. How that Mayweather has decided to fight Canelo, everybody will see Canelo’s worth with this fight being hugely successful.

Floyd fans have to realize that boxers age and its time to pass the torch. Canelo put 49,000 asses in the seats in the Trout bout! For someone to be ignorant and think that is nothing is dumb. Its a great move for Mayweather economically but don’t think Canelo is Continue reading


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